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Updated: Apr 18, 2020

My name is

Lisa, and I am the woman behind Happy Zen Mama. I am a fifty-something member of The Sandwich Generation, (formerly GenX, which sounds way cooler). I have a teenaged daughter at home (insert eye roll here) and my Mother and Grandmother (95!) are both still perkin' (Gram's term), and I am POA for both. I am also a Domestic Abuse and Violence "Survivor". I prefer the term "Survivor" over "Victim", although neither of them accurately describe someone who has escaped a volatile relationship. "Victim" implies that you are still suffering at someone's hand, and "Survivor" implies that you made it out and you are all better. Anyone who has been in an abusive relationship knows that often times you are still being abused either by proxy through your children, or through the court system, or through "Smear Campaigns".  And no one who has been in a toxic relationship is ever "All Better". The effects of abuse linger and creep their way into every nook and cranny of your life, and show up when you least expect it. Like water spreading from the Ocean, some are massive rivers, some are deep pools, and some are little creeks. But they are always with you.

After running a small local Mom and Pop business for 10 years, they were forced to close their doors because they could not compete with the Corporate Monsters. This left me an unemployed 47 year old single mom who was trying to escape the grips of her abuser. I am a hairdresser by trade, but could not go back to working "retail" hours. I fell into a position, (after only 3 weeks!), working for a company that has salons in Senior Living Communities. Although I adore my Ladies, my body could not handle the physical challenges that a job working with Seniors requires. I often left in pain. I was miserable. I needed something to reignite my spark!

Which leads me to Happy Zen Mama! I have spent countless hours vetting suppliers. I wanted quality, affordable products made in the USA. Products that make me Happy. Products that bring me Zen. Products that help me feel like a Hot Mama! Here you will find products that I am proud to offer!

I am constantly on the look out for items that fit my brand, so come back often as I will be adding and removing items as my vision continues to grow and morph into focus!

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