CBD??? CBDefinitely!!!

I know, I know. I was skeptical at first too. Until I tried it. As a hairdresser working with Seniors, I would come home in agony. Shoulders, neck and arms would be throbbing. I came across CBD not for help with these issues, but by happenstance really. I knew I needed to find another career path as my body was not happy with my current career. I started looking at franchise opportunities and came across a CBD boutique. At first I entertained the idea of opening that franchise, however, the longer I dealt with the CEO, the less I wanted to be a part of his company! Anyway, this opened the door to my CBD education. I knew that it was the wave of the future and I knew that it was gaining popularity like a Kardashian with actual talent! If that were a thing... Of course I needed to try it for myself if I was going to sell it. Another few accidental conversations, and a little divine intervention put me in contact with a rep from LEEF Organics CBD. Ironically, he ended up being someone I went to high school with! But that's not really the point here...Anyway, he introduced me to the products, gave me samples and information. So we tried it. I was interested in the topical products for immediate relief of my aching muscles. The first product that I tried was RECOVER - Roll-on relief with an herbal approach to recovery. This unique roller ball includes cold pressed, full-spectrum whole plant CBD blended with wild crafted herbs, all on a mission to bring relief. A powerful herbal muscle and joint formula that provides relief of aches and pains. It immediately cools and soothes, similar to Bio-freeze but ALL NATURAL. It did not disappoint. Within 20 minutes I had all but forgotten that I had been in so much pain! I almost couldn't believe it myself. I thought it must have been a placebo effect. So I used it again the next day. Same results! Then I decided to try REVIVE for my arms and wrists. REVIVE salve saturates sore muscles and joints, providing relief and restoration. The secret is the unconventional whole flower CBD slow simmered reduction, which is then combined with like-minded botanicals such as: calendula, grapeseed oil, cacao butter, lavender and peony to fight inflammation. Many people use it monthly for menstrual cramps as well. Some people mix a spoonful in their cup of coffee/tea every morning (yes it's safe to eat/drink it). I love this product! It is so calming, so soothing and perfect to use as a massage lotion! You can feel the tension melt away as it melts into your skin. But, the most remarkable results that I have experienced is with my Other Half. He has had RLS (restless leg syndrome) since he was a young boy. His legs would twitch and kick all night long. All. Night. Long. Two drops of THRIVAL under the tongue before bed and the RLS stopped. STOPPED. It felt like nothing short of a small miracle to me. THRIVAL CBD Formula, is unlike any other cannabis based wellness product on the market. Made by using a whole plant cold pressed fermentation process, which yields the cleanest form of CBD extract possible. This means that LEEF CBD retains all of its nutrients and active compounds (remember that heat destroys nutrients!).

A daily dose of this superfood, helps bring overall wellness to the body. For me, THRIVAL has calmed my anxiety and allowed me to get a much needed good nights sleep. And now I am a Believer!

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